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Hello and welcome to my website.  I am Georgina, the founder of Soul Speak Readings™.  My readings are for assisting you in your soul’s journey with greater awareness.  This work is an art, an act of divine love, and an ultimate expression of how we are all unique!  It's all done completely intuitively, sensitively and with ease through email.  Your personal information is never shared and my clientele list is completely private.

I am a seer, a channel for spirit and practice as a; dream walker, empath, medium, and sensitive to receive the information given in a reading.  Although I was born with these gifts I have also worked very hard to refine them and I continue aiming to be one of the most accurate and caring readers out there today.

The readings that are offered here are for; those feeling guided here, for those who have questions they cannot find answers for, or simply for those who would benefit from a different perspective that spirit can offer. The readings are done only when I have permission to connect to the recipient’s soul and only with the utmost respect for spirit.

The artwork that I offer is done by spirit guiding my hand through connection to the client’s soul. You can order either a spirit guide portrait/sketch or a vision painting. These are mailed directly to you, no copies or prints are ever made, and all are completely original.

Thank you ~ spirit and I look forward to connecting to you and your soul,

Georgina Carter
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